Submit a DAO proposal

In this guide, you'll discover how to submit an Alphaping Improvement Proposal (AIP) to the Alphaping DAO using the $ALPDAO token. While a basic understanding of Alphaping DAO's areas of focus, DAOs, and Ethereum is helpful, this guide doesn't assume any prior experience with governance protocols.


To initiate a temperature check through a Snapshot poll, you need an Ethereum wallet holding at least 0.01% of $ALPDAO tokens (10,000 tokens). For on-chain proposal submissions via Tally, your Ethereum wallet should hold a minimum of 100,000 tokens, which is approximately 0.1% of votable tokens. If you lack sufficient voting power, you might consider delegating your votes to a delegate who can submit a proposal on your behalf.

Types of Proposals

There are two categories of Alphaping Improvement Proposals (AIPs): Constitutional and non-Constitutional.

Constitutional AIPs involve changes to the Constitution or AIP-1 text and procedures, business units, software installations or modifications on any smart contracts, or actions requiring "contract owner" permissions.

Non-Constitutional AIPs cover all other proposals, including funding requests, grants, or offering general guidance and information to the community.

For more information, refer to the Constitution.

Proposal Structure

The Alphaping DAO encourages proposers to structure their Alphaping Improvement Proposals (AIPs) with the following sections:

  • Abstract: A concise summary of the AIP in two or three sentences.

  • Motivation: A statement explaining why the Alphaping DAO community should adopt the AIP.

  • Rationale: An outline detailing how the AIP aligns with the mission and core values of the Alphaping DAO community.

  • Key Terms: Definitions of any unique, new, or industry-specific terms within the proposal. While optional, it's recommended to include this section.

  • Specifications: A comprehensive overview of the business, platforms, technologies, and design decisions related to the AIP. This section can also discuss alternative designs and their successes or failures in other businesses or platforms.

  • Steps to Implement: A detailed guide outlining the AIP's implementation process, including costs, required manpower, and other resources. For AIPs involving transactions with third parties, ensure legal documentation and procedures are provided.

  • Timeline: Pertinent timeframes, encompassing start dates, milestones, and projected completion dates.

  • Overall Cost: A comprehensive breakdown of the total expenses associated with implementing the AIP, considering both one-time and recurring costs.

If an Alphaping Improvement Proposal (AIP) doesn't succeed initially, proposers have the opportunity to revise and resubmit it after considering community feedback. When resubmitting, the following additional sections should be incorporated into the AIP:

  • Link to Previous AIP: Include a link to the previous AIP in the resubmitted proposal.

  • Reasons for Initial Failure: Clearly outline the reasons why the initial AIP did not pass.

  • Revisions Made: Highlight the modifications made to the AIP to address the concerns raised during the initial submission.

  • Additional Details: Providing more in-depth explanations, specifics, and implications can assist the community in understanding the updated AIP, potentially enhancing its chances of approval.

Pre-Proposal Development

For proposals necessitating code alterations, the proposal should encompass the actual code that will be implemented upon its approval. This code should encompass data structures, logic, executable data, and the execution process of the proposal. For reference, you can consult the "Governance Proposal Lifecycle" for guidance.

Step 1: Initiate a Formal Temperature Check Using a Snapshot Poll

The Alphaping DAO governance forum serves as a platform for discussions regarding Alphaping DAO and governance proposals submitted by eligible token delegates. To submit your proposal:

  1. Visit the Alphaping DAO governance forum.

  2. Create a new post detailing your proposal using the provided template. Feel free to add extra fields to offer additional context to your proposal.

  3. Once prepared, head over to Snapshot to initiate a poll to assess the community's interest in your proposal.

  4. Connect your wallet to Snapshot.

  5. Access the Alphaping DAO Snapshot space, if it isn't already open.

  6. Set up a poll that directs to your forum post. This poll should last for a week and be determined by a simple majority.

  7. Return to your forum post and share the Snapshot poll link with the community.

  8. Allow a minimum of one week for discussions and debates. Refine your proposal based on community feedback.

If your proposal doesn't garner enough support during the temperature check, it's advisable not to proceed with an on-chain vote. Instead, return to your forum post and interact with the community to address any concerns they may have.

On the other hand, if your proposal successfully passes the temperature check, you can proceed to the final step: an on-chain vote managed by Tally. Before moving forward, make sure to incorporate any feedback received during the forum discussions and temperature checks.

Step 2: Submit Your On-Chain Proposal Using Tally

If your wallet holds at least 100,000 $ALPDAO tokens (approximately 0.1% of votable tokens), you're eligible to create an on-chain proposal through Tally.

Here's how to submit your proposal on Tally:

  1. Log in to Tally using the wallet that holds your $ALPDAO tokens.

  2. Navigate to the "Explore DAOs" section or click on "My DAOs" in your Tally profile, then select the Alphaping DAO's page.

  3. Click on "Create New Proposal."

  4. Choose the appropriate governor based on your proposal type:

  5. Provide a name and description for your proposal (adding a preview image is optional). Ensure you're submitting the correct proposal type to the corresponding DAO page on Tally.

  6. Include the actions that will be executed if the proposal is approved. For instance, "transfer X ETH to 0x address."

Review your proposal and choose to either save it as a draft or submit it on-chain.

For a proposal to be approved, it must meet two criteria:

  1. The number of votes in favor must exceed those against.

  2. The total number of votes in favor should constitute at least the following percentage of the votable $ALPDAO tokens:

    • 5%, for Constitutional AIPs

    • 3%, for non-Constitutional AIPs

If your proposal successfully passes, congratulations! The proposed actions will be executed on-chain after a specified delay.

Should your proposal not gain approval but there's a desire to refine and resubmit it, please refer to the guidelines on how to resubmit your proposal.

Remember, this governance protocol is still evolving and is open to feedback from the community. For any inquiries or concerns, feel free to visit the Alphaping DAO governance forum or Discord.

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