The $ALPDAO token is an ERC-20 governance token that lets its holders take part in the Alphaping DAO's on-chain decision-making process. The $ALPDAO token is created through a smart contract on the Ethereum Mainnet.

The Alphaping DAO oversees the governance rules laid out in the Constitution and the technologies it manages.

If you have $ALPDAO tokens, you can vote on proposals that influence how the Alphaping DAO and its businesses operate. This could be suggestions for business expansions or how to use the DAO's funds.

When you vote on a proposal, your $ALPDAO tokens show whether you're for or against it. The more tokens you have, the stronger your vote is. That's because the DAO's system is set up so votes are weighted by the number of tokens a voter holds.

You can also delegate your voting power to others. This means you can vote with your own tokens or use someone else's tokens if they've given you permission to do so. Delegation is handy if you're too busy to keep up with the DAO's ongoing discussions.

There will only ever be 100 million $ALPDAO tokens. No additional tokens can be ever created.

To sum it up, the $ALPDAO token is your key to having a say in the future of the Alphaping DAO ecosystem. Holding these tokens lets you help shape the Alphaping DAO's direction alongside other token holders who share the same values and goals.

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