Delegate Your Voting Power

When engaging with the Alphaping DAO, token holders can choose to either directly vote on proposals or delegate their voting power to someone else. This document delves into the role of delegates and the process of delegation within the Alphaping DAO framework.

What is a Delegate?

A delegate is a trusted member of the Alphaping DAO community chosen by token holders to vote on their behalf. Token holders can give their voting power to these delegates. Delegates must follow the rules set by the Alphaping DAO and make decisions that benefit the token holders they represent.

Why Delegate?

Delegating lets $ALPDAO token holders be part of Alphaping DAO's decision-making without constantly monitoring every proposal. By giving their voting power to a delegate, they can participate indirectly, trusting the delegate to vote in line with their views.

Token holders can change their minds and take back their voting power whenever they want. They might do this for important votes they want to cast personally.

IMPORTANT: You are not transferring your tokens to the delegate, you just transfer the votings rights.

How to Delegate?

Alphaping DAO uses Tally for delegation. Here's how it works:

  1. Connect your Ethereum wallet to Tally and go to the Alphaping DAO page.

  2. Click on the "delegate" button.

  3. Find and select the delegate you trust and confirm your choice following Tally's instructions.

You can change or cancel your delegation anytime through Tally. You can also split your voting power between multiple delegates.


The delegation feature of Alphaping DAO allows $ALPDAO token holders to be part of the decision-making process without actively voting on every proposal. By giving their voting power to trusted delegates who share the values outlined in the Alphaping DAO Constitution, token holders can influence governance in a way that reflects their beliefs and interests.

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