Managing Council

The Role of the Managing Council

DAO as a Whole

  1. Governance Oversight:

    • Ensure compliance with the Alphaping DAO Constitution and guidelines.

    • Oversee the governance process for proposing, voting on, and implementing Alphaping Improvement Proposals (AIPs).

    • Ensure transparency and accountability in decision-making processes.

  2. Strategic Direction:

    • Develop and communicate the long-term strategic vision and goals for the Alphaping DAO.

    • Evaluate and prioritize initiatives and projects that align with the DAO's mission and objectives.

  3. Risk Management:

    • Identify potential risks and threats to the DAO's stability, security, and sustainability.

    • Implement risk mitigation strategies and protocols to safeguard the DAO's interests.

  4. Financial Management:

    • Manage the allocation and distribution of funds from the DAO treasury for approved initiatives and projects.

    • Ensure prudent financial management practices and accountability in budgetary decisions.

  5. Community Engagement:

    • Foster active participation and engagement within the Alphaping DAO community.

    • Solicit feedback, ideas, and suggestions from community members to inform decision-making processes.

Infrastructure Unit

  1. Infrastructure Development:

    • Plan, design, and oversee the implementation of infrastructure projects to support the Alphaping DAO ecosystem.

    • Ensure the scalability, reliability, and security of infrastructure components, including validators, nodes, and hosting solutions.

  2. Performance Optimization:

    • Monitor and optimize the performance of infrastructure components to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

    • Implement upgrades and enhancements to improve infrastructure capabilities and responsiveness.

  3. Security Measures:

    • Implement robust security measures to protect infrastructure assets and data from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

    • Conduct regular security audits and assessments to identify and address any security gaps or weaknesses.

Software Development Unit

  1. Software Design and Development:

    • Lead the design, development, and maintenance of software solutions to meet the evolving needs of the Alphaping DAO ecosystem.

    • Ensure the usability, reliability, and scalability of software applications across different platforms and services.

  2. Innovation and Research:

    • Explore emerging technologies and trends in the software development landscape to identify opportunities for innovation and improvement.

    • Conduct research and experimentation to prototype new features and functionalities for software solutions.

  3. Quality Assurance:

    • Implement rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to ensure the stability and integrity of software applications.

    • Address and resolve any bugs, issues, or performance bottlenecks identified during testing phases.

Investment Unit

  1. Startup Scouting and Evaluation:

    • Identify and vet promising early-stage crypto startups that align with the investment criteria of the Alphaping DAO.

    • Conduct due diligence and evaluation processes to assess the potential for growth and success of startup candidates.

  2. Strategic Investments:

    • Make strategic investment decisions to provide capital and support to selected startups, fueling their growth and development.

    • Monitor and track the performance of investment portfolios and adjust strategies as needed to optimize returns.

  3. Portfolio Management:

    • Manage and diversify the investment portfolio to mitigate risks and maximize returns for the Alphaping DAO.

    • Monitor market trends and industry developments to identify new investment opportunities and adjust portfolio allocations accordingly.

Charity Unit

  1. Charitable Initiatives Selection:

    • Identify and evaluate charitable initiatives and projects that align with the values and objectives of the Alphaping DAO.

    • Prioritize initiatives focused on education, innovation, and environmental conservation for direct support and funding.

  2. Impact Assessment:

    • Assess the potential impact and effectiveness of charitable initiatives to ensure that contributions make a meaningful difference.

    • Monitor and evaluate the progress and outcomes of supported projects to measure their success and impact.

  3. Community Engagement:

    • Engage with the Alphaping DAO community to raise awareness and support for charitable initiatives and causes.

    • Encourage community participation and involvement in charitable activities through donations, volunteering, or other means.

By fulfilling these duties, the Managing Council plays a crucial role in guiding the strategic direction, ensuring operational efficiency, and upholding the values of the Alphaping DAO across its various business units.

How the Elections Work

The Managing Council in the Alphaping DAO is made up of 9 members. Every 6 months, we hold elections to fill these groups' seats.

Members of the Managing Council serve for a year, except for the first set of members whose terms are shorter due to the time between the first election and the DAO's launch.

To run for a seat on the Managing Council, you need to be an Alphaping DAO member and have support from at least 3.0% of all votable $ALPDAO tokens (3,000,000 token). Once candidates are chosen, all Alphaping DAO members can vote. The top 9 candidates with the most votes get elected.

There are some rules to make sure the Managing Council is fair and effective. Members can't have any conflicts of interest that might stop them from acting in the DAO's best interests.

The Alphaping DAO might set additional guidelines to make sure the election process is transparent and fair.

Members of the Alphaping DAO can change the rules for the Managing Council elections, but not while an election is happening. If needed, Managing Council members can be removed early. To do this, at least 10% of all votable tokens (10,000,000 tokens) must vote for removal, with at least 5 out of 6 votes in favor. Alternatively, if 6 Council Members agree, a member can be removed.

Remember, the Constitution is the main rulebook for the Alphaping DAO. If anything here doesn't match the Constitution, please let us know. The Constitution always comes first.

Why Elections are Important

The Managing Council elections are crucial as they decide who will manage the day to day activities of the Alphaping DAO and its business units. Through these regular elections, the community can ensure that the Council comprises members who align with the values set out in the Alphaping DAO's Constitution.

Furthermore, these elections provide a mechanism to remove Council members who may not be acting in the DAO's best interests. This ensures that the Council always prioritizes the DAO's well-being.


The Managing Council is the backbone of the Alphaping DAO, responsible for overseeing its governance, strategic direction, and operational activities across various business units. Here's a compelling case for why the Managing Council should be eligible for monthly compensation, subject to approval by the DAO community members:

  1. Time and Commitment: Serving on the Managing Council requires a significant time commitment and dedication from its members. They devote countless hours to decision-making, strategic planning, community engagement, and operational oversight. Providing compensation acknowledges and values the time and effort invested by council members.

  2. Expertise and Experience: The Managing Council comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds, expertise, and experience in areas such as finance, technology, governance, and community management. Their specialized knowledge and insights are essential for guiding the Alphaping DAO effectively. Compensation can attract and retain top talent, ensuring a skilled and capable council.

  3. Professionalism and Accountability: Offering compensation adds a professional dimension to the role of Managing Council members. It emphasizes the importance of their responsibilities and underscores their accountability to the DAO community. Compensation can incentivize council members to uphold high standards of performance, transparency, and integrity.

  4. Opportunity Cost: Serving on the Managing Council often entails foregoing other income-generating opportunities or dedicating less time to personal and professional endeavors. Compensation helps offset the opportunity cost associated with council membership, making it feasible for qualified individuals to commit fully to their roles.

  5. Motivation and Engagement: Providing compensation can enhance motivation and engagement among Managing Council members. It demonstrates recognition and appreciation for their contributions to the DAO's success, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment. Motivated council members are more likely to actively participate, innovate, and drive positive outcomes for the Alphaping DAO.

  6. Competitive Edge: In a competitive landscape, offering compensation can give the Alphaping DAO a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top talent for its Managing Council. Competent and dedicated council members are essential for steering the DAO towards its goals and staying ahead in the rapidly evolving decentralized ecosystem.

  7. Alignment with Best Practices: Compensation for governing bodies is a common practice in both traditional and decentralized organizations. It reflects a recognition of the value and importance of governance roles and aligns with industry best practices for incentivizing effective leadership and decision-making.

By compensating the Managing Council, the Alphaping DAO demonstrates its commitment to professionalism, accountability, and excellence in governance. It strengthens the foundation for sustainable growth, innovation, and success, benefiting the entire DAO community in the long run.


The Managing Council and its elections are key to the Alphaping DAO's governance. When community members take part in these elections, they help ensure the Council comprises trusted individuals who reflect the values of the Alphaping community and have relevant expertise.

This role often requires a deep understanding of various technical areas. However, as the Alphaping DAO grows and evolves, its values and requirements may change. Therefore, understanding the purpose and function of the Managing Council is crucial, especially if you're an active member or delegate in the Alphaping DAO's governance.

As a member of the Alphaping DAO, it's essential to support initiatives focused on risk management and gradual decentralization. This commitment helps ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the Alphaping DAO and the technologies it oversees. It also involves managing expectations both within and beyond the Ethereum community and engaging in ongoing, collaborative learning.

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