Delegates & Delegation

When you're part of the Alphaping DAO, you can either vote on proposals yourself or hand over your voting power to someone else, known as a delegate. This guide will help you understand what delegates are and how delegation works in the Alphaping DAO.

What is a Delegate?

A delegate is someone from the Alphaping DAO community chosen to vote on behalf of other token holders. If you delegate your voting power to them, they'll vote for you. These delegates must follow the rules set out in the Alphaping DAO's Constitution and always act in the best interests of the people who've entrusted them with their votes.

Why Delegate?

Delegation lets token holders be part of Alphaping DAO's decision-making without actively following every vote and proposal. By giving their voting power to a delegate, they let someone else vote for them based on shared values.

If you delegate your vote, you can take it back whenever you want. This is handy if there's a crucial vote you want to decide on personally.

How to Delegate?

To learn how to delegate your voting power in Alphaping DAO, check out the guide titled "Delegate your voting power." It'll walk you through the steps to choose a delegate who shares your values and how to grant them your voting rights.


The Alphaping DAO's delegation feature allows $ALPDAO token holders to take part in the governance process without actively voting on every proposal. You can transfer your voting influence to a delegate who aligns with Alphaping DAO's principles, as outlined in its Constitution. This way, your voice still counts in decision-making, even if you're not directly voting.

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