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Airdrop Eligibility & Distribution

The airdrops are used to reward early supporters of the AlphaPing DAO's vision and mission.

WARNING! Only follow official announcements regarding $ALPDAO airdrops. Anything else is most likely a scam or phishing attempt.

User Airdrop Eligibility Details

A points system is used to determine the number of tokens that airdrop recipients can claim. The criteria are primarily focused on Zealy Quests interactions. Another criteria, such as owning a minimum amount of $ALPDAO tokens from the public pre-sale, might also be used.

Example of $ALPDAO Airdrop Allocation:

The number of $ALPDAO tokens allocated for Season 1 Airdrop is 400,000 tokens (example). The total Zealy points generated by all members on the Zealy Leaderboard is 70,000 XP. To determine the allocation, divide the number of tokens by the total XP: 400,000 / 70,000 = 5.71 $ALPDAO tokens per Zealy XP.

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